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My Spanish Guitar Course

The following lessons are laid out in the recommended order you should do them in.

In the first section you'll see that I spend some time demonstrating the correct technique and laying down some preparatory exercises. If you are new to Spanish guitar it's very important to learn the correct right hand techniques before attempting to play any of the pieces which follow. This work will not only make it much simpler to learn Spanish guitar but also massively decrease the time it takes you to master the pieces which follow.

It's a simple case of the better you prepare, the easier it will be.

You'll find the instruction contained on every lesson on this site very clear and easy to follow however I would also highly recommend that you print out the TAB file which is there to accompany them. This is so you can not only see and hear what it being done but also read it on paper in front of you. This will also be good for your own practice time when you are not in front of the computer.

As with any kind of learning on Spanish guitar the trick is to play through the material with a lot of patience. This means that the exercises and pieces should be practiced extremely slowly, so slowly in fact that it becomes impossible for you to make a mistake. This method of practicing will allow your brain to accurately record what you are trying to learn and pave the way for faster progress.

Spanish Guitar Exercises



Spanish Guitar Scales


Spanish Guitar Progressions



Spanish Guitar Progressions *New Update*



Spanish Guitar Pieces


Spanish Guitar Cadences