The Ultimate Guide To Playing Beautiful & Authentic Spanish Guitar (Even If You Can’t Read A Lick Of Music And Haven’t A Clue How To Speak Spanish!)

The #1 Best Selling Course For Spanish Guitar Just Got 10x Better

Dear Friend,

I’m excited to release this. It’s the revised, re-recorded (and much improved) version of my best selling course for learning to play Spanish guitar.

Inside You’ll Learn All You Need To Play Spanish Guitar Just Like Me!

Spanish flamenco dancer. vector illustrationThe way I play Spanish guitar is not hard and it doesn’t take years of practice! I just don’t have time for all that. Instead, I take a particular style of guitar and concentrate on making it easy to play while still retaining all its character and beauty.

That’s exactly what you get with this course.

It’s my exact system for playing Spanish/Flamenco style guitar the easy way. I reveal all the chords, progressions, scales and techniques I use so you can emulate my playing down to the letter and get the exact same results as me.

Heck, I even give you the exact same practice routine and specific exercises I personally used myself to master this style of guitar in rapid time. More on that later.

If you’ve done any searching around looking for courses that teach Spanish guitar then you probably already know this but I’ll say it anyway…

Most Courses SUCK At Teaching This Style Of Guitar!

That’s because they insist upon a lot of stupid, unnecessary things that just don’t apply to the average guy like you or I wanting to add some flamenco flavor to their playing. That’s where this course is different…

  • There’s no hard techniques to learn
  • No requirement to be able to read music
  • No strict rules for posture or how ‘you must hold the guitar’ or any of that other crap
  • No unrealistic expectations placed upon the learner

What I’ll show you is the absolute easiest way you can play authentic and beautiful Spanish style guitar in about 30 days or less using my personal system.

Just Some Of What You’ll Learn Includes…

  • How to instantly transform all the ordinary chords you already know into to beautiful Spanish/Flamenco ones in just seconds
  • Spanish flavored progressions and how to use them to create pure music
  • A collection of easy to play Spanish guitar pieces, perfect for beginners so you can get started straight away (theses sound great)
  • The simple secrets to Flamenco scales and how to combine them with chords for an instant Spanish sound (you can here this in the video)
  • The exact same set of practice exercises I used to personally develop my own Spanish guitar technique
  • How to organize your fingers correctly so you develop perfect technique from the outset making things much easier to play further on down the road
  • The key to achieving an authentic Spanish guitar tone
  • Essential techniques that deliver that classic Flamenco sound
  • How to ‘breathe’ warmth and flowing expression into everything you play (this one technique alone will make you sound 10x better on guitar!)

What Customers Are Saying

“”What A Talent For Teaching!””

I’ve never seen a teacher break down a style of guitar so completely as Paul. He has a genuine talent for making complicated things simple to understand. I’ve tried a few courses before on Spanish guitar but this one hands down is what gave me the best results. Highly recommended.

George Kennedy (52)

Austin, TX

“I’m Excited About Guitar Again”

I was stuck in a rut until I came across this course, what a breath of fresh air to leave the old tired stuff behind and try something new. I actually want to practice now and I finally feel like I’m playing some ‘real’ guitar.

Bill Jenkins (60)

Upstate, New York


Been struggling for years on guitar until I had to the good fortune to stumble upon Paul’s lessons on YouTube. He has the clearest teaching style I’ve ever seen, buy this – you’ll never look back.

Eddie Gilmore (57)

Sunny Florida

Includes A Collection Of Easy-To-Play Spanish Guitar Pieces

fiery flamencoAfter I break down exactly how this style of guitar works for you i.e. the chords, progressions, scales, techniques, exercises and so on I want you to start PLAYING this style of music immediately.

After all, what good is a guitar course if at the end, you still can’t play that much more than when you started? There are already too many online guitar programs guilty of that!

So I sat down, cracked my knuckles and wrote 12 awesome sounding Spanish guitar pieces most average beginner guitarists could play after going through this course.

The goal is to give you something on guitar you can ACTUALLY USE. Something that will change the direction of your playing for years to come.

Who This Course Isn’t For

If you’re a complete beginner on guitar and can’t even change chords yet then give this course a miss for now. You really need to spend more time on the bare basics first in order to have success with this system.

If however, you’re already comfortable with the basics like open chords and can even strum (albeit badly) through a few songs then this course should work a treat for you.

I break down every element you’ll need to play this style of guitar with confidence and you should start to see real results pretty quickly after starting. (It feels good to make progress on guitar for a change especially if you’ve been struggling for a while.)

FREE BONUS “Copy My Exact Same Practice Routine”. This Expires In Just A Few Days Time!

45-extrasAs a treat to celebrate the launch of this course I wanted to do something a bit special. For those of you that take action now you’ll find a download link to an extra gift waiting for you in the members area.

This bonus (PDF and Videos) will show you exactly how I structure my own practice sessions on guitar in order to improve and learn new styles of playing in record time. The techniques you’ll learn here are things I’ve never shared before.

It’s designed so that you too can copy and emulate my results on Spanish guitar…

  • How long I practice for
  • How many rest days I take a week
  • How I structure my practice sessions
  • How I master new styles of guitar so quickly
  • Why I never worry about practicing and NOT seeing any results
  • Why the way I practice on guitar is very similar to someone going to the gym!

This bonus will NOT be up forever so make sure you grab it before it expires. It’s worth it, the techniques I have for practicing guitar are killer!

I’m also a big believer in only keeping things you’re 100% happy with so you also have my word (or virtual handshake) on the following…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

guaranteeI hate risking money on things I’m not sure about, you probably do too. Even more when it comes to ordering on the internet. That’s why I wouldn’t ask you to do it, even with my own products.

Here’s the deal, order today and try the course for a full 30 days. Watch all the videos, print out the course book and get stuck in… if you don’t think you got your money’s worth email me here and I’ll refund every penny.

I’ve been selling my guitar courses online for 7 years now under that policy. I can do it because I know my stuff is good and that 99% of my customers are fair and honest people that won’t take advantage of me.

Worth A Shot? Only One Way To Find Out

This course will probably change the way you play guitar for years to come but you’ll only find that out for sure by taking some action today.

The product is a combination of video lessons, a course book and personal access to me however the real gift is the music you’ll be able to start playing on guitar once you’ve been through the course from start to finish.

You may even end up pleasantly surprising the ears of a few people around home when they hear what starts coming out of your guitar over the next 30 days! That’s a seriously good feeling.

Yes Paul, I’m In!

I understand I’ll get immediate access to everything for a clean and hassle free one-time payment of just $49.95 as soon as I click the add to cart button below.

  • 40 crystal clear video lessons
  • Complete note-for-note course book (30 pages)
  • Download the course or watch it online
  • My personal practice routine (limited time bonus)
  • Help and assistance directly from me
  • My “super fast results” guarantee
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • Fully¬† iPad/iPhone compatible!

I’m also aware I’m protected by a 30 day – no questions asked
guarantee – and I can contact support to get my money back so I risk

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers

P.S – In this course I’ll show you the easiest way to play beautiful sounding Spanish/Flamenco guitar. You’ll learn all the chords, progressions, scales and techniques plus I’ll show you how to put it all together in less than 30 days from starting.

Have you watched the video at the top of this page? It’s exactly the kind of stuff I’ll teach you to play!

For a one time payment of $47 you get lifetime access to everything… including all future updates for free. Plus, with a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ guarantee it’s a complete no-brainer, you risk nothing. Grab it and go through everything BEFORE deciding if it’s worth keeping!

Can’t get much fairer (or honest) than that.

P.P.S – If you already bought the last version of this course then simply login to download this latest version! Updates are always free for life with my products.